That’s right, I said 82-0. And we’re not talking the world’s elite vs. a pickup game at a learn-to-play session either. The Slovakia women’s team beat the Bulgarian women’s hockey team by a score of 82-0.

I found the following video clips on YouTube for those of you who just have to slow down and watch the train wreck. Considering all of the high-speed play you might expect, there really doesn’t appear to be much defense :-). However, some of the best saves were made after Bulgaria decided to make a run for a comeback and actually pulled their goalie after the score hit 77-0.

One quick explanation. If a player covers the puck in the crease when the goalie is off the ice, a penalty shot is awarded. A player (non-goalie) can play the position of goalie but they are not allowed additional equipment and do not have goalie privledges that allow them to freeze the puck in the crease or hold it in their hand.

Of course, after a tight, physical battle of this nature, the last clip does include a little bullying and eventually a match penalty as well. I’m sure that the crowd (which you can’t see a single person in the stands) really enjoyed the contest.

Video One

Video Two

Video Three